A Day in the Life of…Crooked Lake Farm

My name is Jill Burkhardt and I am a mixed farmer (small grains, such as wheat, and beef cattle) from Wetaskiwin, Alberta. Today on the farm, we are moving yearling heifers out to summer pasture. What’s a heifer? A heifer refers to female cattle that have never had a calf. Our farm is a 5th […]

A Day in the Life of…Valleykirk Farms

A Day in the Life captures a morning, afternoon, or entire day of a Canadian farm. This entry highlights the Kirkconnell/Denard family’s day for June 21, 2016. Have a question about a particular farming type or practice? Leave a comment below and we’ll be sure to reach out and connect you! My name is Courtney […]

A Day in the Life: How a Dairy Farmer Trains for Marathons

By Tom Hoogendoorn, dairy farmer I am a dairy farmer in British Columbia who decided to take up running. But not just any running — marathon running. Being a busy dairy guy I thought I had no time to exercise until one day I looked in the mirror and decided I didn’t want to continue to […]

Day in the life of a dietitian: Common-sense consumption

By Matt McIntosh Want to lose weight, ward off diseases, or avoid growing a third and rather grotesque limb? You’re in luck, because there are plenty of experts out there who would love to help you determine what specific food item is killing you. The paleo-diet, extreme low-calorie diets, gluten-free choices, carbohydrate cycling, and many […]

A Day in the Life – a Saskatchewan grain farmer at harvest

By Jean Clavelle Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan I spoke to Rob Stone today from his grain truck in central Saskatchewan where it’s harvest time. See what he has to say about their family farm and being a grain farmer in Canada. Tell me about your farm. I’m part of a family grain farm in […]

Day in the Life – an Ontario egg farmer

Hi, my name is Megan and I’m an egg farmer who lives near Embro, Ontario. Along with my family, we raise 50,000 laying hens (female chickens that lay eggs for consumption) and 200,000 pullets (young female laying hen raised from one day old until 19 weeks) per year. We also grow crops on 1,500 acres […]

Day in the Life – Planting P.E.I. Potatoes

My name is Keisha Rose and I’m a 6th generation potato farmer working on my family’s farm in North Lake, Prince Edward Island. I’ve worked on the farm on a part-time basis since I graduated high school nine years ago. The planting season lined up well with the end of the winter university semester, so […]

Day in the Life – of a Saskatchewan Grain Farmer

By Jean Clavelle Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan I spoke to Trevor Scherman today from the tractor on his farm near Battleford in northwest Saskatchewan where he’s in the middle of seeding. See what he has to say about their family farm and being a grain farmer in Canada.

Day in the Life – ‘Kidding-around’ with a goat farmer

Hi! My name is Anna Haupt and together with my husband and three young children, we run Teal’s Meats – a provincially licensed butcher shop on our farm in Haldimand County, on the north shore of Lake Erie in Ontario. I also raise a small herd of registered Boer goats on our farm, Springvalley Boer […]

Day in the Life – A ‘Heart’ for dairy farming

My name is Tim May and I am a third-generation dairy farmer in Rockwood, Ontario. Along with my family, I milk a herd of 40 Holstein cows on 250 acres of land. I didn’t always want to be a dairy farmer, but the magic of farm life has a way of drawing you back to your […]