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We all eat, yet many of us give little thought to where our food actually comes from, what is in it, and who produces it.

Today, less than two per cent of Canadians are farmers – this has led to a huge disconnect between the farm and our dinner plates.

The Real Dirt on Farming blog is a good start for connecting us, and sharing credible facts on food and farming in Canada.

Our goal is to help you make informed food choices, whatever they may be.

Each week, we’ll share more about the issues that matter, both to you as a consumer and to the farmers who produce your food. After all, to know your farmer is to know your food.

We’ll regularly feature the stories of real Canadian farmers and others that work in food and farming. We’ll sort fact from fiction, and we’ll dish up the #RealDirt on what it takes to produce safe food for Canadians while being mindful of animal welfare and the environment.

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To see real Canadian farms, virtually, visit http://www.virtualfarmtours.caand to read the booklet that this blog is based off of (The Real Dirt on Farming) visit http://www.realdirtonfarming.ca

Thanks for your interest in Canadian food and farming.

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We welcome the stories of Canadians who are passionate about food or farming – or both. This blog is meant to provide a forum for anyone to share their stories and their passion for the land, their animals, the foods they grow/produce/cook with and their farm families.  We know that this industry is much bigger than farmers and farm families so we want to tell the stories of everyone involved – from veterinarians, hoof trimmers, nutritionists, crop scouts, researchers, recipe developers, chefs, dietitians, equipment experts and more. Tell us who you are and why you love doing it!

Regular contributors are Farm & Food Care staff.

Email info@farmfoodcare.org to share your story on our blog.

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