FoodLogiQ has signed agreement with Canadian Cattlemen's Association to provide value added traceability solution to its members

Source:Canadian Cattlemen’s Association, 19.dec.08

Calgary, AB — FoodLogiQ, the leading provider of On Demand food safety and traceability software, today announced that they have signed an agreement with the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association to provide a value added traceability solution to its members.

The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association has developed a generic branding program called the Canadian Beef Advantage (CBA) which is meant to market and communicate the advantages of Canadian Beef domestically and internationally. The ultimate goal is to be able to show that product can be CBA verified to the end of the supply chain. CCA has selected FoodLogiQ’s On Demand Food Safety software solution to support this CBA initiative.

FoodLogiQ will deliver a Value Chain Knowledge System that enables cow/calf producers, feedlots and packers to share value added information. The system will link to the current national database provided by the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency and will provide additional capabilities to improve producer collaboration, information sharing, and data capture for information on animal performance, health, and grading. A pilot is planned to be live for Producers and Feedlots by February 28th, 2009 and for Packers by March 31st 2009. Beyond the pilots CCA has committed to a 3 year term to use FoodLogiQ’s On Demand Food Safety software solution to manage this program.

“We are very pleased to have selected FoodLogiQ as our partner to deliver the pilot program and underlying technology to support the Canadian Beef Advantage program. FoodLogiQ brought deep industry expertise, strong technology solutions and most importantly a strong willingness to partner to ensure our success” says Rob McNabb General Manager Operations.

Adds Kerry Farrell Vice President of Sales & Marketing at FoodLogiQ, “We are pleased to be partnering with the CCA to provide to the Canadian beef industry a means for improved information sharing and process verification building upon their strong leadership position.”

Canada is already a global industry leader with its national traceability solution for livestock, the CCA through the CBA program and pilot is planning to share even further information across the value chain to provide its members increased access to export and domestic markets.

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