June is dairy month. Let’s celebrate!

By Kristen Kelderman

Did you know that June is dairy month? Canadian dairy farmers like my family, want to encourage you to show your dairy love all month long.

Kristen with her dairy heifers

Kristen with her dairy heifers

Here are 10 fun ways to celebrate this June.

1. Do you love local? Join locavores and farmers in celebrating Local Food Week in Ontario from June 1 to 7, 2015. Visit www.loveONTfood.ca for more details on events, interactive Twitter parties and show your local love.

2. Look for the little blue cow symbol as you pick up your weekly shop from the grocery store, find it on restaurant menus and at the local ice cream shop. Every time you buy a product with the little blue cow symbol on it, you can be sure it was made with 100 per cent Canadian milk.

3. Warmer weather = ice cream!

4. Visit a real dairy farm. On June 27, 2015, dairy farmers across Ontario are opening their barn doors to Ontarians so they can meet a farmer, their families and the cows that they care for every day. To find a farm near you, visit www.milk.org or follow Dairy Farmers of Ontario on Facebook. Can’t make it to the farm? Visit a farm from the comfort of your computer or tablet by visiting www.virtualfarmtours.ca.

5. Do you lift weights? Crossfit? Triathlete? Runner? This month reach for chocolate milk. It’s the perfect post-recovery drink, balancing protein and carbs to work into your routine. And it tastes delicious!

6. Show some social media love. You can use the following hashtags to show your dairy love while celebrating this June: #loveONTfood #dairygoodness #dairygood #littlebluecow.

7. Keep in the loop on farm life. Follow some of these great farm blogs:
o Dairy Carrie
o Real Dirt on Farming
o Dinner Starts Here

8. Start cooking with cheese. Add a little parmesan to your salad or transform your regular burger to a cheese burger with a slice of mozzarella. Add cheese to your regular dinner recipes and boost your calcium intake.

9. Enjoy a cold glass of milk with your family. Dairy farmers across the country are proud to serve high quality Canadian milk to their families and yours.

10. Insert your idea here. Have fun and get creative with your celebrations!

The possibilities are endless. Share your dairy love with friends and family this year and cheers to the start of summer with a glass of milk.

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