Meatless Mondays are a new campaign – Fact or Fiction?

FactFictonFICTION: Meatless Mondays date back to World Wars I and II. At that time, Meatless Mondays were part of U.S. government efforts to encourage consumers to do their part on the home front by rationing and reducing consumption of certain food items. It was a patriotic way for those at home to support the war effort and the troops fighting overseas by ensuring our soldiers had access to all the nutritious food they needed.

Today, the Meatless Monday campaign is back, but now it’s the brainchild of two New York socialites who support a number of animal rights and anti-meat programs. Contrary to how it’s presented, the campaign’s intent is not to help consumers make well informed health, environmentally-friendly or budget-conscious eating choices. The real goal it to get people to stop eating meat – with the ultimate aim of ending animal agriculture altogether. A healthy, balanced diet is important. What’s key it that you have the ability to make food choices for yourself and for your family based on factual, credible information, and not simply on the word of celebrity spokespeople.

Now you know!

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