Planting in progress

Across Ontario, a team of young farmers have started documenting their lives using a new blog at

Through photos, tweets, YouTube videos and posts, this group is documenting day to day occurrences, as they happen, on their family farms. Today, we draw your attention to a blog by beef, crop and egg farmer Scott Snyder where he talks about spring planting on his Waterloo Region farm. You can also follow this group on Twitter @howdinnerstarts

Planting in Progress

By Scott Snyder

So I’m sure you’ve all seen farmers out in the field planting in the distance. Maybe it’s on your way to work, so then later in the season you notice what that particular crop is, and how it develops. However, with the variety in the different types of machines, different crops, or even mixed crops, it may be kind of hard to keep straight or notice which machines match which crop. I took a couple pictures and videos earlier in the planting season and thought it might be beneficial to give our readers a closer look at some of the machines in action, along with the farmers running them, to show how they keep the process of planting underway.

To see the rest of Scott’s blog and view his photos, visit



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