Warm days bring more local food

Local foods like meat, dairy and root vegetables are available year-round, but spring provides an opportunity to really celebrate the greener things in life.

In Ontario, the variety of local foods available at markets, on roadside stands and at grocery stores is tremendous, and for those with access to it, something to be cherished. See what’s available each month with Foodland Ontario’s FOOD AVAILABILITY GUIDE.

Looking for local food in Ontario? It can be easier to find than you might think!

Curious about how your food is produced on Canadian farms? Visit FarmFood360.ca

One thought on “Warm days bring more local food

  1. I always read such content with a bit of a caution because even the majority of fruits and vegetable we get from general road side stand has not been grown with sufficient nutrition. This fact makes the vegetables less helpful for our health, especially if the presence of herbicides, insecticides and lack of trace minerals and vitamins is the reality. I assume that this is the case with much of the produce that needs to travel a thousand or more miles between the field and our dinning table. Realistically we cannot all have a garden plot so vetting our food sources is increasingly more important.

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